Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking a Break!

With Friends for Company!

Sometimes I just get asinine for no apparent reason I can pin down. Usually alternative rock or spellbinding electron trance,and at times, the company of old friends in a good mood... whatever it is, it's helluva fun but these days all too very rare.

Too often creatives like me live in tiny utopian boxes, and we all get so used to staring at the shiny walls of our own inventions and self-imposed confines of our offices that we completely forget that this isn't the real big picture. Though we won’t readily admit, we all pull down and bury ourselves in hard monotonous 9 to 9 work – copywriting, designing, wireframing, strategizing, brainstorming, all the catchy keywords that you associate with a creative hotshop.

So when we take that break, I jump up! Hey, it's kind of cool out here with the mad folks - a temporary relief from all the bad vibes of a bad day. Not as a steady diet, maybe, but for an evening of fun, it's... well, good fun. Get me lit enough, add a few friends, the right music and I'll stand on the bar deck and sing Def Leppard or dance insane steps at the disco floor. Heck, I don't even have to be drunk on alcohol to do it. Drunk on gaiety will do.

So this weekend while discussing the recession and laughing my head off with an old ‘transnational’ pal over dinner in the city’s current hottest pub, I noticed that the single geek at the bar table next over was trying hard not to stare at us. Poor fella: crouching over his laptop, fiddling his cellphone and visibly bothered that the pretty girls at the adjacent lounge were all laughing and talking about politics, sex, music, art and beer while he sat glum faced in solitary isolation. Obviously, the poor guy needed a break, a few more beers himself and definitely, someone for company!Pity him!

P.S: By the way, since this time, my friend mentioned here has vanished without a trace. If anyone knows what has became of Sid Thomas from Sydney, I’d really appreciate knowing.


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