Sunday, February 16, 2014

Junksista - Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)

Addictive ElectroPop Teaser from the Enticing German Duo 

The Electro Rock German Duo Junksista are truly hard to classify but I'll try. Imagine the groovy freshness of Cardigans with the industrial rock appeal of Garbage, the undeniable danceability of Royksopp and the musical allure of Bjork all rolled into a pleasant, synthetic rock and pop mishmash. Combine this with sultry sexy vocals and explosive, extremely provocative porn laced lyrics and then, you'll have the musical genius of Junksista.

While rigid reviewers may find their lyrics a little vacuous or even obscene for the many references to sex, no one can deny that the music they create at least is truly inventive and original. Singer Diana and guitarist Boog produce a unique funky sound that oozes with sexiness, is perfect on the ear and will definitely make you hit that rewind button often!

Present here is their official video of their hit track "Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)", a melodic song with a great tune about love in its many forms. Even more goodness can be found on their latest EP of the same name that features fantastic remixes and also on their trending album "Bad Case of Fabulous". Know more on their website or check out the facebook page now! 


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