Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moist – Mind Altering Chillout Electronica from Sweden

10 Free Tracks From Sweden's Leading Electronic Artist

How about some addictive, chill out electronica for the week ahead before Christmas. That’s the picture I can think of after listening to Moist the last few days! Not to be confused with the Canadian Rock band of the same name, Moist is from Sweden and the creation of one man army Producer, Songwriter & Musician - David Elfström Lilja.

David expertly coaxes dreamy, chill out melodies with a skittering of lush female vocals, shades of kraftwerkish new age ambience and pensive downbeat harmonies – all beautifully blended amidst an air of enigma. Imagine, mind expanding lounge electronica on your speakers! Now, thanks to David, I present below some of my personal 10 favorites for your aural consumption which are already very popular across numerous European radio stations. So, go ahead, lie down, switch off your lights and immerse yourself in electronic moist bliss!

1. Moist - Far Beyond The Endless (Mert Boru Remix) (4:08)
2. Moist - How Long (Omnimotion Remix) (3:28)
3. Moist - How Long (feat. Maria Marcus) (3:58)
4. Moist - I Am (UGLH Remix) (5:18)
5. Moist - Just Say You're Sorry (feat. Sophie Rimheden) (4:52)
6. Moist - Just Say You're Sorry (Stefan Aronsson Remix) (6:04)
7. Moist - Not Alone (Addeboy Vs Cliff Remix) (5:14)
8. Moist - Not Alone (Inspiritualization Remix) (4:42)
9. Moist - Not Alone (feat. Maria Marcus) (3:15)
10. Moist - Wild Structures (with I Awake) (5:36)

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If you like Moist, please visit the Moist website @ or like the Moist Facebook Fanpage . You can also follow Moist and the force behind Moist – David Elfstrom Lilja on Twitter.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Top 5 Movies of Michelangelo Antonioni

My favorites from the Italian Modernist

I had the indulgence of seeing Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow-Up” on HD last week. Again that is. This was probably my 7th or 8th time but watching this masterpiece from the Italian modernist filmmaker in high definition glory just blew me away. After all, according to cinema critic Richard Corliss, this was the movie that defied conventions and “helped liberate Hollywood from its puritanical prurience”!

So, now that you know my love for this celebrated filmmaker, I present below some of his very best movies or rather my personal Top 5 for your reading pleasure. As always, I have added all video links that I could find so that you can also view these great movies.

L'Avventura/ aka The Adventure (1960/Mystery) - Its slow, stately pacing caused absolute chaos at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival, but this remains one of Antonioni's finest with Empire magazine ranking it one of 'The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema'. Part one of the ‘Incommunicability’ Trilogy and the film that launched the career of Monica Vitti, this movie is a beautifully constructed tale of futility, idleness and deception revealed through the search for a missing woman. Antonioni uses little dialogue; what is said, therefore, we pay attention to. Likewise, the director's trademark blank compositions are very much in evidence. Also starring Gabriele Ferzetti and Lea Massari.

L'Eclisse/ aka The Eclipse (1962/Drama/Romance) - The final part of the 'Incommunicability' Trilogy, preceded by La notte; Antonioni's masterpiece stars Monica Vitti and Alain Delon as a couple in a modern, desperate relationship as seen through the eyes of the auteur of alienation. Though his view of the eclipse of emotion is ultimately bleak, there are touches of humor along the way. The justifiably famous ending poetically sums up the film through a montage of rich images. Though nominated for the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival, this won the Jury Special Prize.

Blow Up (1966/Mystery/Thriller) - A mod, metaphysical London, a mocking, mad world and a murder mystery provide the ideal setup in this Oscar nominated numinous whodunit that also made Antonioni, an international star and inspired Brain De Palma’s Blow Out (1981). David Hemmings, a swinging English photographer (in the likes of David Bailey) more concerned with art than reality, discovers a sinister truth when his camera unknowingly witnesses a murder. Antonioni's most accessible film and also his first English-language film is a profound meditation on the nature of representation. Based on the 1959 short story by Julio Cortazar’s “The Devil’s Drool”. With Vanessa Redgrave and Sarah Miles. A genuine masterpiece, don’t miss this.

Zabriskie Point (1970/Drama)- Antonioni's impression of late 60's American youth counterculture was a colossal flop during its initial release – critics finding it crammed with condescending cliché and dated attitudes. An irritating but totally intriguing mess with Sam Sheppard listed as a contributor to the non existent screenplay in which Mark Frechette is insufferable as a college boy who hides out in the desert with a sexy Chick after shooting down a pig. In spite of all its various shortcomings, I found it full of beautiful images, especially the desert scenery, a few occasionally affecting insights and a dazzling soundtrack featuring the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead and the supreme Pink Floyd amongst others.

The Passenger / Professione : Reporter (1975/Drama/Mystery/Thriller) - Jack Nicholson provides the ultimate in cool alienation in one of Antonioni fine depiction of male angst. Nicholson plays a journalist who decides to take on a dead man's identity in an anonymous desert setting, then plunges deeper and deeper into your classic existential malaise in this 1975 Cannes “Plame d’Or” nominated gem. Maria Schneider (Last Tango in Paris) provides some temporary relief. Jack is absolutely prime; the moody photography is memorable. An excellent choice for Nicholson, art film fans and film students alike. The Passenger’s penultimate long take 8 minute shot (in those days when there was no steadicam) is alone worth the price of admission. Watch out for Steven Berkoff. If you like this, you should also see the similarly scripted Jim Jarmusch’s The Limits of Control(2009).

Monday, December 6, 2010

Singing in the Rain - 20 Great Rain Songs!

Free Hit Mp3s to Relish the Bountiful Rains

It’s been raining, rather incessantly for the past 3 days. Maybe, the man above has finally heard my complaints - blessing me (and a thousand others) with a million gallons of water plus a day off on a Monday! So, what better way to spend a bonus weekday holiday than listening to great rain songs, sipping hot mushroom soup and savoring the cold wet weather with the family!

Featuring fantastic hit tracks from the likes of Sarah Brightman, Paramore to Queensrÿche, The Cult, personal favorites like A-ha, Garbage, Cold besides Billboard hits from Zoe, Milli Vanilli and more, I hope you all share my enthusiasm for the rains, like my rain love and enjoy the free rain music!

1. A-Ha - Crying In The Rain (4:21)
2. All That Jazz - Open Rain (5:09)
3. Benjamin Diamond - The Rain (4:37)
4. Cargo Cult - Rain (3:27)
5. Club 8 - Spring Came, Rain Fell (2:36)
6. Cold - Rain Song (3:37)
7. Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (3:56)
8. Hunz - Ocean From Rain (5:23)
9. Kate Ryan - The Rain (3:18)
10. Milli Vanilli - Blame It On The Rain (4:19)
11. Paramore - When It Rains (3:35)
12. Queensrÿche - Another Rainy Night (Without You) (4:29)
13. Sarah Brightman - Let It Rain (4:17)
14. Sneaker Pimps - Walk The Rain (4:56)
15. Something Stranger - And The Rain (3:15)
16. The 77's - Rain Kept Falling In Love (4:57)
17. The Alarm - Rain In The Summertime (5:11)
18. The Cult - Rain (3:58)
19. VAST - Where It Never Rains (3:30)
20. Zoe - Sunshine On A Rainy Day (3:57)

Free Mp3 Download – 97.93 MB Single Zipped Folder – Megaupload link


You can buy original CDS/DVDs & Mp3s of the above artists at emusic, amazon, itunes, other online stores or your nearest music and movie retailer.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Office Space (1999) - A Truly Brilliant Office Comedy

Cartoonist Mike Judge's hilarious “Dilbert”ish Workplace Satire

When Matt Groening's "The Simpsons" reached the height of its popularity, it began to receive major competition from an other (equally famous) new cartoon series aimed at the Generation X market: that creation was the wickedly delightful "Beavis and Butthead". The man responsible for the phenomenon of the grunge-addled, self-indulgent, adolescent duo was Mike Judge (Idiocracy, Extract, Spy Kids).

Judge got his start drawing insert cartoons for TV shows like the "Saturday Night Live", much like Groening did for "The Tracey Ullman Show". Thereafter, "Beavis and Butthead" developed into a popular international cult series, spawning a animated full length feature "Beavis and Butthead Do America" (which incidentally was Judge’s first full length movie) and influencing the more recent crude but hugely admired cartoon explosion headed by "South Park".

Later, Mike Judge, by now a sophisticated satirist who used low humor to make high art, went to try his hand at live-action film with the side-splitting corporate comedy, "Office Space" based on his own Milton cartoon series. Though not a big hit during its time of release, this movie has slowly garnered a cult reputation primarily through word of mouth praise.

"Office Space" rips into the authoritarian motifs that recur in the works of such literary greats as George Orwell and Franz Kafka: authors who paint a dreary picture of urban, working life, devoid of optimism and personal liberty. But where Kafka and Orwell focus on the nightmarish, dystopian elements, Judge focuses on the sly humor that arises out of the irrationality of the modern work place – in this case, the frenetic office of Initech, a software company where all the lead characters work.

"Office Space" centres on Peter Gibbons, excellently played by Ron Livingston (Swingers, Adaptation, Cooler), a systems analyst in a prison of a dead job, who has to bear with ludicrous instructions from his managers on a daily basis, and finds little comfort in complaining to his fellow, equally annoyed, office mates.

Crack-pot Milton Waddams (Stephen Root) is a mistrustful personage who is constantly moved from one work cubicle to another, eventually barricading himself off to any form of communication. And devoted slacker Michael Bolton (Mad TV’s David Herman) has to suffer the daily annoyance of telling someone new with whom he is speaking over the phone that he is simply not "that Michael Bolton!"

Outside of work, Peter finds solace in the arms of girlfriend Joanna (Jennifer Aniston), an over worked waitress who has her own share of work-place insanities: she is forced to wear up to 45 badges on her uniform.

An assortment of similar characters (Ajay Naidu's Samir is a stand out) complete the movie and give finishing touches to a simple story that’s essentially set inside a office but I wont spoil the plot for you further.

All I can say is that Judge directs his actors like he would draw his sinful cartoons, emphasizing their reactions to create an absolutely over-the-top effect that works very well amid the ingeniously constructed workplace farce. And with the current recession, it makes a fantastic and entertainingly funny ‘office’ statement!

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