Wednesday, June 29, 2011

20 Sly Rules to Live Your Life!

My 20 Rules (in alphabetical order)

1. All rules are meant to be bent, stretched, twisted, mangled and broken.
2. Always expect the worst, hope for the best and be prepared for the rest.
3. Always have ten or twenty good different reasons for everything.
4. Daydreams are like lottery tickets, you rarely win them.
5. If it doesn't need saying, don't ever worry about it.
6. If it needs saying, don’t ponder, just say it.
7. If you have to make excuses, remember what you are doing is wrong.
8. If you like to do it, don’t care, just do it.
9. Luck is what you want it to be and it’s rare
10. Never cry when you can laugh, it’s much easier.
11. Never ever run when you can just walk.
12. Never give them, those wicked souls the pleasure of your distress.
13. Only fools believe the Government.
14. Only textbooks, comic heroes and heaven are ideal.
15. Time is relative. Watch it!
16. To err is human, to admit it is very, very divine.
17. Treat your enemies as though they know all your darkest secrets.
18. Watch your back. Always.
19. White lies rot into black lies within 2 hours or 2 days so beware.
20. Yes, Descartes, we do really exist.


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