Monday, June 27, 2011

My Secret Day Off!

I want an extra day in the week. But not one for everybody, just for me, something like a 30 something version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I want a secret day off which only exists for me, a super secret hidden day in which I can get some work done without being interrupted or having to deal with anything. Or a day which I could sleep in and laze about without suddenly finding myself back at my office, yet barely caught up in my sleep.

And while I'm talking about impossible dreams, I want to be able to go to that elusive gym and work out to the point where it really feels like work without having something ache for 36 hours afterward. Of course, getting off my derriere a little more frequently might be a pretty good cure for that.

Ugh... I have to get back to work. Someday, maybe I'll be able to finish all of this and keep my blogs a little more frequent.

Anybody reading this want to pay me truck loads of money to just be so wittingly smart, sexy and clever? 'Cause this capitalist 'make more money' mantra sucks.


  1. We could all use one of those days!!! To wakeup at 5 AM and not feel like you woke up at 5 AM !! I started following you

  2. Love the extra day just for me thing!! errm I mean you thing :P Anyways when you finally get that figured out drop me a line tell me how your day went!

    If you find someone that is willing to pay you to just sit there a be sexy and witty, before you cut a deal with them why not mention that the deal is for a friend of yours too?


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