Friday, March 19, 2010

What I Saw This Week – 10 Movie Reviews

Here’s a quick round-up of my midnight movie sessions (new and repeats) during the last 2 weeks with reviews, ratings and download links of all the good flicks (wherever possible).

No Mercy (Richard Pearce, 1986/Thriller) – Richard Gere asks smokin-hot Kim Basinger How’s Bayou? And without waiting for a reply, handcuffs her into a S&M swampy love thang in the Louisiana outback. Basinger always seems doomed to play the unintelligent lust objects of good-looking, ruthlessly self-absorbed men, and here’s another performance to add to the roster. Gere’s looks are far more intense than his involvement in this part. A generic couple-on-the –lam thriller with more atmosphere than suspense but still watchable just for the electric chemistry between Gere and Basinger. Jeroen Krabbé also makes a great villain. Websnacker’s Rating – ***

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles (John Hughes/1987/Comedy) – A worn-out advertising executive travelling home for Thanksgiving falls victim to an off-beat salesman when their plane is diverted due to bad weather. With no flights, it’s up to the two men to zigzag across country using any available means of transport, including the back of a farmer’s truck in a blizzard. A great comedy starring Steve Martin and the late John Candy made by the Home Alone director - the late John Hughes. The Cinemag "Total Film" has voted this movie the 10th greatest comedy film of all time. Websnacker’s Rating – ***1/2

Fled (Kevin Hooks/1996/Action/ Thriller) – A 90’s remake of The Defiant Ones (1958) starring Tony Curtis & Sidney Poitier, this features Lawrence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin as 2 prison escapees who race against time to find an incriminating computer disk that could either bring down the Cuban Mafia or get them killed –whichever comes first. Hunted by the mob as well as the cops, the fugitives realize that on either side of the law, they lose. Co-starring a hot Salma Hayek and Will Patton. Websnacker’s Rating – ***

Bogus (Norman Jewsion/1996/Fantasy) – When his mom dies, young Albert (Haley Joel Osment - Fifth Sense) is sent to live with his Mother’s friend, Harriet (Whoopi Goldberg). Albert also brings his imaginary friend along – a gentle Parisian named Bogus played with aplomb by the French Superstar (Gerard Depardieu). Part playmate and part guardian angel, Bogus leads Albert and Harriet through an enlightening experience of trust, imagination and emotional bonding. In spite of a big budget and big stars, this movie miserably failed at the box office and also earned a Razzie nomination for Whoopie Goldberg. Websnacker’s Rating – **1/2

Phenomenon (Jon Turteltaub/1996/Fantasy) – When an ordinary small town guy (John Travolta) is struck by a blinding light, he is gifted with amazing intelligence and godlike telekinetic powers. Though his newfound genius turns him into a celebrity, old friends start to shun him. But as his intellect grows, so does his understanding of humanity around him, and a compassion for those who fear the changes within him. Except for an ending that I didn’t relish, this is a great movie to watch that also stars Robert Duvall, Forest Whitaker and Kyra Sedgwick besides a splendid soundtrack featuring Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton and more. Websnacker’s Rating – ***

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A Shock To The System (Jan Egleson/1990/Thriller) – Michael Caine plays a New York advertising executive looking forward to his upcoming promotion. Everyone expects him to get it including his secretary, his co-workers and his wife. Not getting it would be…well… simply unacceptable. But his bosses pass him over because they say, he lacks the killer instinct. They are dead wrong. In this cold thriller, laced with wit and dry humor, Michael Caine lives out the fantasy that has probably been every junior executive’s dream at one time or another. Based on the novel of the same name by the British author Simon Brett. Will Patton, Elizabeth McGovern and Peter Riegert co star. Websnacker’s Rating – ***1/2

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The Last of the Finest (John Mackenzie/1990/Action/Thriller) – Frank Daly is the head of a close knit undercover police unit. When close to cracking down on a drug kingpin, he and his unit are suspended. But these are not by-the-book cops. Instead of meekly complying; they mount their own renegade operation. What Daly and his squad members discover shocks even them; the drug operation is being protected by the federal government. Though Daly and his men know they are over-matched, they refuse to back down. A good action film starring Brian Dennehy, Bill Paxton, Joe Pantoliano and Jeff Fahey.Websnacker’s Rating – ***

The Prophet/ Un Prophete (Jacques Audiard/2009/Drama) – This 2010 Oscar nominated French import is a gritty, blood tinged prison drama set inside a small French prison. Featuring an atypical Arab Muslim hero, it defies stereotypical characterizations and explores multiracial and multicultural tensions that seem to define present day Europe. With stellar performances from the lead stars, a superb supporting cast and an eclectic euro soundtrack, this is a first rate foreign cinema that validates its Oscar credentials. Websnacker’s Rating – ****

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Miss March (Trevor Moore/Zach Cregger/2009/Comedy) – Unless you wish to see a cheap imitation of Ace Ventura by one of the lead stars (who are also the film’s directors), this is a third rated sex comedy of a still-virgin loser who goes into coma during his first sexual encounter and then wakes up after 4 years to find that his girlfriend is now a Playboy Playmate. Barring a few genuinely funny jokes (which are really few) and a cameo by Playboy founder – Hugh Hefner which incidentally earned him a Razzie, this is forgettable fare. Websnacker’s Rating – *1/2

The Order aka The Sin Eater (Brian Helgeland/2003/Horror/Thriller)– Considering the fact that this had Heath Ledger, Peter Weller and was directed by Brian Helgeland, the writer of terrific movies like L.A.Confidential, Bourne Supremacy, Mystic River, the Taking of Pelham 123 besides many more, I had great expectations on this horror mystery thriller. Alas, this is an insipid muddle of Vatican religiosity and gothic drivel with some absolutely ridiculous dialogues that had me dozing off. Skip it. Websnacker’s Rating – *1/2


  1. Bro, when do you get the time for seeing so many movies in a week. Either you are super rich or a cinema addict. what are you?

  2. 10 movies?...envy you!...seen only the Phenomenon...really enjoyed it

  3. I envy you BIG TIME for being able to see movies.

    Hope to see you today at Indibloggers meet :)

    Joy always,

  4. Hey websnacker,
    10 movie reviews! wow,i get to have these different snack bars all for myself :)
    out of these 10,have seen the prophet(absolutely amazing),phenomenon(good) n no mercy(ah!kim basinger!)..will try to view the others!

    thnks for the recommendations!


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