Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flashback Wednesdays - Free Music Takeaway

Hard to Find Mp3 Rarities and More

This MP3 download post is a friend request that’s been pending for a long, long time. Not that I have been slothful but digging them out has been a herculean task of epic proportions. I use the word ‘Herculean’ since I have a colossal collection of ripped MP3s of various genres scattered around several computers and hard disks besides hundreds of cds and dvds of assorted denominations. Rummaging this enormous digital library of mine assembled over the last 10-12 years in one go this weekend had indeed been a taxing experience albeit a nostalgic trip to my evolving musical tastes and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I am sure you’ll all love this special collection of pop, pop rock and new wave hits (many of which you’ll probably hear for the first time). But before that, here’s a little history lesson on what’s in store inside.

On top is the hit single “Every Beat of the Heart” by the British rock band Railroad Children from their album “Recurrence" which became a No 1 Modern Rock hit in the US and also a Top 40 Hit in the UK. I have also added music from 3 Scottish Bands that demand a special mention. Del Amitri, the pop-rock guitar band from Glasgow; Geneva, British indie band from Aberdeen and my personal favorite pop rockers - The Big Dish with their immensely popular Top 40 UK hit single "Miss America".

For those of you, who thought Rupert Hines was just a producer for great acts like Underworld, Chris de Burgh, Tina Turner, Bob Geldof, Thompson Twins, Rush and many more, I have added a hit number “Arrested by You” from his solo ventures. You’ll also find Bruce Cockburn’s appealing anti-war anthem "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" (#88 in the US charts), WHO’s frontman Roger Daltrey’s 1985 hit “After The Fire" (#48 in the US charts), Warren Zevon’s sardonic radio hit "Searching for a Heart" and American songwriter Robbie Dupree’s 1981 hit "Brooklyn Girls" which scaled at #54 in the US charts.

Not forgetting my New Wave bias, you’ll find Eight Seconds' 1987 top-30 single "Kiss You (When It's Dangerous)" from their full-length album 'Almacantar', Eddie & the Tide’s One in a Million” from their 1985 album “Go Out and Get It”, the 1987 hit “Kick the Wall” by Jimmy Davis & Junction and the super hit “To Live and Die in L.A.” from the movie/ soundtrack of the same name by the progressive British New Wave band - Wang Chung. It should be remembered that the movie’s director William Friedkin (Exorcist) was so impressed with their music that he purposely sought out Wang Chung to score for this 1985 cop drama starring Willem Dafoe and William Petersen.

For rarities, I have added Nick Gilder’s “Sabotage”, the hard to find Prime Movers' "Strong As I Am",
Shriekback's "This Big Hush" and Red 7's "Heartbeat” from the atmospheric soundtrack of Michael Mann's “Manhunter” – a prequel to the “Silence of the Lambs” that also incidentally starred William Petersen plus 2 superb tunes namely Tim Feehan’s “Where's the Fire” and La Marca’s “Hold on Blue Eyes” from the equally rare soundtrack of the Charlie Sheen supernatural flick “The Wraith”. Download and enjoy!

19 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:21
Playlist length: 1 hour 22 minutes 54 seconds

1. Big Dish - Miss America (3:56)
2. Bruce Cockburn - If I Had a Rocket Launcher (4:59)
3. Del Amitri - Buttons On My Clothes (4:05)
4. Eddie and the Tide - One in a Million (4:07)
5. Eight Seconds - Kiss You (When It's Dangerous) (4:05)
6. Geneva - If You Have To Go (4:07)
7. Jimmy Davis & Junction - Kick The Wall (3:38)
8. La Marca - Hold on Blue Eyes(The Wraith Soundtrack) (4:01)
9. Nick Gilder - Sabotage (3:56)
10. The Prime Movers - Strong As I Am (4:36)
11. Railway Children - Every Beat of the Heart (4:08)
12. Red 7 - Heartbeat.mp3 (4:20)
13. Robbie Dupree - Brooklyn Girls (3:26)
14. Roger Daltrey - After The Fire (4:37)
15. Rupert Hine - Arrested By You (5:07)
16. Shriekback - This Big Hush (Manhunter Soundtrack) (6:10)
17. Tim Feehan - Where's the Fire (The Wraith Soundtrack) (4:25)
18. Wang Chung - To Live and Die in LA (4:53)
19. Warren Zevon - Searching For A Heart (4:18)


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  1. As usual, one more great collection. Thank you for providing more links this time as I prefer Rapidshare. Keep them coming!


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