Friday, March 5, 2010

Saturday Ear Candy - Free Mp3s to Download

Free Music For the Weekend
Its been quite a while since I shared MP3s on this blog. So, go ahead and download the zipped MP3 folder and let my tuneful collection of awesome earcandy wash over you. Its mostly Pop-Rock with a little bit of Electronic Synthpop, New Wave and Alternative Rock. Nothing too heavy, just great tunes and very goooood muzik. Enjoy!

Abra Moore - After All These Years (3:52)
Adam Cohen - Hey Jane (4:00)
A-ha - You Will Never Get Over Me (5:38)
Beloved - Hello (4:18)
Beth Orton/William Orbit - Faith will carry (6:13)
Bjork & David Arnold ft Paul - Play Dead (4:04)
Boo Radleys - There She Goes. (2:19)
Breit Brothers - When Its Over (3:43)
Collective Soul - Needs (5:21)
Conjure One - Tears From the Moon (4:19)
Crazytown - Starry Eyed Suprise (3:44)
Cure - Burn (6:39)
DC Talk - Consume Me (4:50)
Deepest Blue - Shooting Star (4:14)
Del Amitri - Driving with the Breaks On (4:40)
Depeche Mode - Dream On (4:20)
Devlins - Almost Made You Smile (4:57)
Diesel - Tip of My Tongue (3:53)
Hooverphonics - Eden (3:33)
Wartapes - Dreaming of You (4.33)

20 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:27. Estimated playlist length: 1 hour 34 minutes 4 seconds. Hear all of them and if you like 'em, share your comments please.

FREE MP3s Download link - 89.8 MB Zip File -


  1. thanks for the great collection. you never seem to dissapoint. Wish if you could post more often.


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