Monday, August 13, 2012

Sacredly Unholy

Can we cross the Sacred line ?

Let’s have a sacred discussion. Is anything sacred and too holy? Should anything be sacred at all? On one hand, there seems to be certain things that should reasonably deemed sacred simply because it would be in bad unholy taste otherwise. 

Take for instance, our regular concept of Hell. Instead of strictly adhering to the usual biblical spin, let’s consider a new perspective. I am not talking about Hell in the religious sense of being Satan’s playground nor as the proverbial tool of manipulating the gullible masses either. I am proposing something else. 

Imagine Hell as a separate dimension – a different plane of existence of pure chaos - very much like what you might have seen in years ago in Paul W.S. Anderson's sci-fi flick - Event Horizon (1997). Anything that resembles Order in any way would be grossly mocked and inconceivably tortured. Things would include the human soul or anything that is not pure chaos. 

Let’s face it, the mind functions on electro-chemical energy. Emotions, love, hate and all other feelings are all chemical reactions of the brain's response. Change the environment and the mind produces bizarre and ultimately nightmarish realities. Why just consider Hell? If there indeed is an afterlife. This would be the worst possible scenario. 

So, does holding on to sacred beliefs - whole portions of our concepts of reality as untouchable - really safe for logical reasoning? Don't call me an atheist but shouldn't even the most sacred beliefs be unlatched from our firm grip and spread out for intense scrutiny? If so, if indeed doing this is more beneficial, then what is the point of holding things sacred and why do we keep doing it? 

Many will say it all depends on what our goal is. If it is to seek knowledge, then unlatching sacred beliefs for scrutiny is absolutely necessary. However if we wish to merely hold onto those sacred beliefs for the sake of false gods, insecurity, hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty... then well, then perhaps holding onto sacred things is necessary... its up to you.


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