Monday, February 6, 2012

1000 Days of Blogging

Celebrating 3 Years of the Websnacker Blog

Yes, I know I only posted once in January and now it has been a month since that post. My second post this year and the whole world seems to have changed – my favorite file sharing site Megaupload is gone and so have all my cherished mp3 and video uploads (2400 and more) that were hosted on it. I don’t believe in the RIAA/MPAA shitty argument on piracy and I don’t make any money out of my uploads but do those greedy sharks in Armani coats ever care?

Anyway, with this post, I officially begin my 3rd year of publishing this spritely little blog for all you web wanderers. The response to Websnacker over the past 36-38 months has been nothing short of exceptional, from both the real world (folks I have met via my blog in real life) and the virtual readership of the online community worldwide, the 11000 readers of my James bondish newsletter and not to forget, my 23000 strong (and growing) Twitter followers and 4000 fans on my Facebook page!

I've struggled a little in 2011 and have had my own generous share of ups and downs – often times biting off more than I could proverbially chew. And, I’ll admit, I've been bad. I've been busy, have been a bit (or completely) inconsistent (whatever you deem fit) in my blogging schedule. I've been distracted by diverse projects at office and duties at home. I'm having some trouble in re-setting the markup here to do exactly what I want but on the other hand, my Sci-fi novel seems to be nearing the finish line. However, this is not an excuse for being languid. I'll try to get something up, here, a little more frequently.

At least, I guess, I still did manage to produce a handful of entertaining blogposts and with the support of all of you out there, my secret army of ghost writers and the music and cinema I cover, I look forward to another successful year blogging in 2012.

I have planned a profusion of surprises and enhancements in store for the current year. For a start, I will be moving to a custom domain – Websnacker Blog (cant trust Google anymore), will feature guest posts (anyone game?) and will also try to re-upload whatever stuff I can get my hands that was previously on Megaupload!

And as this blog continues to grow up and swell, my focus will continue remain on my first love – great music & awesome movies besides all the other things that you are pretty used to reading out here including those controversial agendas. So stay tuned...the fun has just begun.


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  2. Congrats and cheers for more to come (regularly, though).

    Joy always,


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