Monday, August 23, 2010

Websnacker’s Electronica Free Mp3 Mix Tape

What I have Been Listening this Week

I am not much of an electronic music fan but I will admit, there have always been some exceptions, especially the trip hop/trip rock, downtempo, lounge or the danceable electronica variety. The following electronic tracks have been on consistent replay on my car stereo for the last one week and one of the many reasons, why I thought they qualify as a great upload to share with you folks.

Pay attention to the Norwegian duo Roykspopp’s superb ‘What Else is There’, Teddybears’ 'Cobrastyle' and to the Paul Oakenfold/Unkle remix of Ian Brown’s 'Fear'. I heard this beautiful track by the ex-Stone Roses lead vocalist in Octane (aka Pulse), the under-rated road thriller starring Madeleine Stowe and Norman Reedus in 2003. 7 years later, I am still hooked to it and I am sure, you will too. Besides, there are 15 more free tracks for you to download and enjoy!

18 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:09
Playlist length: 1 hour 14 minutes 54 seconds

1. 3oh!3 - Double Vision (3:13)
2. Chromeo - Fancy (3:25)
3. Daft Punk - Something About Us (3:51)
4. Dark Globe - Break My World (5:20)
5. Fan Death - Power Surge (4:24)
6. Ian Brown + Paul Oakenfold - Fear (Unkle Remix) (6:19)
7. Justice Vs Simian - We Are Your Friends - Never Be Alone Again (Exclusive Track) (4:15)
8. Lena - Satellite (Eurovision 2010 - Germany) (2:56)
9. Mylo - Drop The Pressure (4:15)
10. Naomi - Fade Out (3:55)
11. Noble Savages - I'm An Indian (3:15)
12. Playme - Hygiene (4:48)
13. Royksopp - What Else Is There (5:07)
14. Space Cowboys - Falling Down (3:00)
15. St - I'll Meet You There (3:36)
16. Teddy Bears - Cobrastyle (3:00)
17. Tim & Puma Mimi - Jo-Hatsu (Saalschutz Remix) (5:23)
18. Underground Lovers - Losin 'it (4:52)

Free Mp3 Download - 106.83 MB Single Zipped Folder – Multiupload Link - (links to Rapidshare, Deposit Files, Megaupload, Hotfile and More)

This is a limited time promotion. If you like these artists, please buy their music at,, or at your nearest music retailer.


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