Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Martyrs (2008)

A Must See Awesome Euro Horror Flick

Disappointed with Hollywood's recent dose of silly horror, then watch this superlative French frightmare that defies all standards of cinematic Horror. With movies like High Tension and Inside, European horror or rather specifically French Horror cinema has been pushing the boundaries for some time now but Martyrs is a step away from the ordinary, actually several degrees beyond. In fact, Martyrs rewrites what constitutes genuine Horror.

Well, I could write pages and pages on the deeper connections it implies and rationally explain the intentionally ambiguous plot but then, I would be spoiling your fun and the numerous hidden surprises this movie beholds. Keep in mind though, this movie is unrelentlessly violent, gory, hurting you at its extreme so be prepared. Nonetheless, take my advice and watch it from start to finish in one go. Even if you don't end up liking it like the countless fans on IMDB, you'll still thank me for the advice, its a must see.

Note: View online through the StageVu weblink below or use a download manager like Orbit to download the movie and watch it later at your convenience. DIVX Online Web Player needs to be installed in your PC if you want to see the movie online. Eng Subtitles hardcoded. Enjoy!

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  1. hmmmm... great I have been looking for a horror movie for a long time... lets see how this one turns out

  2. "violent, gory, hurting you at its extreme". Those are the exact reasons I don't watch horror flicks, lol. I used to kinda watch a few on & off but I get too squeamish and then freaked out post-movie so I just kinda let that go. Though by the sounds of it, any horror movie buff would enjoy this one.


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