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Websnacker’s Select Alternative Rock + Alt.Pop Hits - Part 3 (S to Z)

90 Even More Minutes of Superlative Alt. Rock

Welcome to the final installment of my select Alternative Rock Hits, Part 3 (in alphabetical order S to Z). In this last edition, I have added an assorted mix of old and new alternative tracks including alt. heavyweights like Sonic Youth, Stereophonics, Vertical Horizon, personal favorites like Tantric, Splender and relative newbies like Weakling and King, Young Parisians and Winterpills.

Starting with Seabirds' hit single – ‘Let Me Go On’, you’ll get to hear the Grammy nominated Texas indie band Sixpence None the Richer’s cover of the La’s ‘There She Goes’, which NME magazine placed at number 45 in its list of the 50 Greatest Indie Anthems ever; industrial alternative rockers – Stabbing Westward, the 2001 surprise hit ‘Car Crashes’ by the Swedish two-piece duo – Standfast and ‘Breakdown’ the debut hit single of the Louisville, Kentucky post-grunge band Tantric (one of my favorites) from their self-titled album that reached #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks and also helped the album achieve platinum status.

I have been criticized for ignoring British acts and being US centric in my selections so I have added the Wigan, UK piano rock band - Starsailor’s most popular track ‘Alcoholic’ from their 2001 album ‘Love Is Here’ and their first single to reach the UK top 10; ‘Mr. Writer’ from the Welsh rockers – Stereophonics taken from the their third album ‘Just Enough Education to Perform’ that reached #5 in the UK charts and ‘Clocks’ by Thomas Edward Yorke (Thom Yorke), the lead vocalist and songwriter of the alternative superband Radiohead from his massively successful debut solo album – ‘Eraser' which debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 in the US, #3 on the native UK Albums Chart selling over 90,000 copies in its first week of release in July 2006.

You’ll also find ‘Everything You Want’, arguably Vertical Horizon's best-known single that reached the No.1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1999, Violent Femmes’ brooding ‘Color Me Once’ from the equally dark The Crow soundtrack, ‘Seein Red’, a top 5 US Modern Rock hit by Unwritten Law, the Californian alternative hard rock band and ‘Absolutely Anytime’ by the Watchmen - one of the most commercially successful Canadian alternative rock bands of the mid to late 1990s from their album ‘Slomotion’.

Besides, I have also added recent indie pop/ alt.rock gems like ‘Freshman Thesis’ by Thee More Shallows, the San Francisco based three-piece experimental indie rock band, ‘1800s’ by We’re Marching On from their 2007 release -Argh! Umph! Ahhh!, ‘Broken Arm’ by Winterpills, the Northampton, Massachusetts, indie rock band and the low key ‘Teach Me How To Drown’ by Unto Ashes – a rather deceptive track for a band who call themselves ‘unrepentant purveyors of apocalyptic folk, medieval doom and gloom, dirges and drones’.

2 more tracks warrant a special mention namely ‘Burning’ by the Berlin-based minimalist lo-fi shoegaze indie band, Whitest Boy Alive taken from their debut album - 'Electronic Dreams' and the Coldplayish chill out track ‘Jump the Next Train’ by Young Parisians aka Solarstone to finish this personal 3 part alternative pop rock anthology.

Seabird - Let Me Go On (Olaj's Let Me Go Off Mix) (4:09)
Sixpence None the Richer - There She Goes (2:39)
Sonic Youth - Jams Run Free (3:52)
Splender - Monotone (3:03)
Stabbing Westward - Drugstore (4:57)
Stand Fast - Car Crashes (3:29)
Starsailor - Alcoholic (Evening Session) (3:15)
Stereophonics - Mr. Writer (5:18)
Tantric - Breakdown (3:11)
Thee More Shallows - Freshman Thesis (5:02)
Thom Yorke - The Clock (4:13)
Unto Ashes - Teach Me How to Drown (4:30)
Unwritten Law - Seein Red (3:46)
Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want (4:14)
Violent Femmes - Color Me Once[The Crow Sdtk] (4:09)
Watchmen - Absolutely Anytime (3:46)
We're Marching On - 1800s (5:51)
Weakling and King - Fuel the Flame (4:13)
Whitest Boy Alive - Burning (3:11)
Winterpills - Broken Arm (2.46)
Young Parisians - Jump the Next Train (3.20)

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Total Playlist Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes 19 Seconds
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