Tuesday, April 28, 2009

King of the Hill (2007)

El Rey De La Montaña in English

Let me start by saying that this movie will probably be re-made by Hollywood and almost certainly misdirected and destroyed of all its innate cinematic value. So, my suggestion is to watch the original Spanish version here and also not worry about sub-titles as this is a decently dubbed English version which is still eminently watchable.

Similar to Eden Lake, my last movie post, Gonzalo López-Gallego’s King of the Hill is a ‘man against nature’ visceral Latin take in the likes of Walter Hill’s ‘Southern Comfort' John Boorman’s evergreen ‘Deliverance', 1982’s over-violent 'Turkey Shoot' and the 2001 under rated 'Suspended Animation'. If you‘ve have not seen any of these, I will not spoil the fun any further but even if you have, King of the Hill delivers a superior dose of cinema – a joyride that’s well written, tightly edited and beautifully shot.

If you have a stable broadband connection, you can watch the movie online. Or use any of the many video downloaders to extract and save the avi file locally on your PC to watch later at your convenience.

Divxvine Avi Video Link - http://is.gd/v669

Single Link 696 MB Avi Video File - Cut, Copy and Paste into your browser.

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  1. besides a nice screenplay, the girl bea was hot. thanks.

    Casey P


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