Friday, January 23, 2009

Surveillance (2008)

Lynchian Serial Killer Whodunit

Surveillance is a disturbing time-warped thriller blending suspense, horror and a little black comedy, that has all the visible hallmarks of its director – Jennifer Lynch, daughter of Twin Peaks and MulHolland Dr creator – David Lynch. While her last mainstream effort 15 years ago – Boxing Helena starring the beautiful Sherilyn Fenn was a bizarre love story that flopped, Surveillance is a top notch return to form that should fetch her good work.

A serial killer-on-the-loose whodunit set in the scenic Santa Fe desert which mixes twisted cops, suave FBI agents and some great photography to good measure, Surveillance has a fairly long-winded plot that left me clueless where this was heading but it all soon connects and your patience is rewarded with a satisfying climax that actually surprised me. A 2008 Cannes Film Festival entry with Bill Pullman, Julia Ormond and Michael Ironside for company, this is 97 minutes of time very well spent. Highly recommended.

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  1. thanks for the link. If you pay attention, you know what the truth is but i think it wasdone intentionally.

  2. LOVED this film! Creepy, effective and loved Pullman and Ormond's chemistry. Very fine film!


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