Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eden Lake (2008)

Brilliant British Chiller in the Woods

I saw Eden Lake on a wet afternoon without any inkling of what to expect. After watching it, I was happy to see that intelligent British horror is still very much alive and you don’t really have to spend millions on special effects if you can get the story and mood right.

Directed by the young James Watkins (born – 1978) who also wrote the brilliant Big Brotherish 2002 horror – My Little Eye, Eden lake stars Kelly Reilly last seen in Nicholas Roeg’s moody mystery Puffball and the German star Michael Fassbender (300) who are a 30ish couple seeking a romantic weekend on a scenic lake spot which soon transforms into a hellish fight for survival. For many, this would seem derivative, something like Deliverance but Eden Lake is more intense, bloody and violent, a perfect holiday gone inexplicably and viciously wrong. Accompanied by great photography and gut wrenching score by David Julyan (Descent), Eden Lake is highly recommended, provided you've got the stomach. Download and enjoy..

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