Friday, September 29, 2017

Building a Blogger Community

Uniting Movie and Music Bloggers across the world

Two years ago, sometime in March, I wrote to all my fellow movie bloggers about starting a new website for the Movie Bloggers Network. For those unaware, the Movie Bloggers Network is a movie lovers community of movie bloggers, movie critics, film makers, actors and film fans I founded in 2012 along with the Music Bloggers Network, an identical community but aimed at the music scene. Rather too ambitiously, I also invited all of 'em to register their movie blogs. And yet almost 27 months later, I have to sheepishly admit I failed. Yeah, it sucks to admit defeat. 

Well, at least I didn’t get it off the ground I originally intended to. I suppose it's largely my own fault. Rotten planning, running a creative agency (that’s my full time job), too many distractions, too much travel and an unwilling investor. Or maybe I should blame the self-defeating desire that most of us have – do more than you actually can and being a perfectionist, doesn’t help either. Now it's going to be October and once again, the feeling of unfinished resolutions is overwhelming. 

This seems to happen to me every year, especially around my birthday. June is supposed to be a time when my world of work takes a back seat to leisure and laziness! Yet every year, I end up swamped with deadlines - which means that I spend much of the month hunched over my laptop with the calendar reminding me - hurry up, you are late, half a year is already over. 

Though I generally try not to focus too heavily on the business side of the Movie Bloggers Network, I hope you’ll all agree that maintaining a website is, ultimately a financial cost plus the time and concerted effort to keep it fresh. Particularly in these tough economic times, when newspapers are filled with grim tales of corporate implosions, I felt it's was very important to keep all of my fellow blogger up to date on news from my mother ship and mailed all of em about the unfortunate slow progress. This post is actually an extension of that original mail.

Anyway, if this sounds like a depressing setup for some sort of grim announcement, relax! The good news is that I have finally got traction for the new site and not just one but two. One for the Movie Bloggers Network and one for the Music Bloggers Network. 

Without much fanfare, I have been working with my small but devoted crew since December 2016 in creating a fresh new website and a mobile app too that hopefully every music & movie blogger and every music and movie fan will love. So if you've already registered your blog for the new website, its time now for you to send us your photograph (nice pics please), your updated web and social links including your facebook profile, your facebook fanpage (if you have one), twitter, youtube, instagram, etc) to let us know how famous you are, a short bio about yourself (in third person voice) describing all that's good about you and anything else you want the world to know. 

For those who are yet to register, the time is now to join us and become part of a new movie influencer and music influencer community. So, if you are a movie blogger, register here and if you are a music blogger, register here. And do help me spread the word around by tweeting, sharing and liking and anything else across the social space.

Regardless, if you're taking it easy this month, please savor the time. Think of me staring at a flashing cursor, and I'll picture you at the beach with warm sand running between your toes. And I'll try not to feel resentful. In the meantime, I promise to stay in touch and blog more often. And, as always, I remain grateful for your support, suggestions and feedback. Onwards and upwards.


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