Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Devlins' Greatest Hits - A Websnacker Blog Exclusive Compilation

Melodic Alternative - Indie Rock from the Splendid Dublin Fourpiece

While the Devlins burst into the alt rock scene in 1994 with their spectacular debut album ‘Drift’ (produced by the award winning Malcolm Burn, a protégé of Daniel Lanois); I heard them first only in 1996 on the soundtrack of the Winona Ryder – Lukas Haas coming of age teen flick ‘Boys’. Like Ian Brown, another favorite of mine, the Devlins have constantly remained on my top 5 fav list since then. 

Led by the multi-talented Colin Devlin and seconded by his brother Peter, the Devlins have released 4 albums so far - Drift (1993/94), Waiting (1997), Consent (2002) and Waves (2004) with Colin Devlin’s solo album Democracy Of One (2009) being the most recent. All their albums have been certified gold best sellers and in 2010, Colin Devlin was also nominated for the prestigious Meteor Awards.

Notwithstanding the wrong comparison with their most famous Irish cousins – U2, the Devlins play an inimitable blend of mellow alternative rock, soaked in terrific melodies and intense lyrics that are enhanced by intricate guitar work - instant hook-ups in the first listen itself. No doubt, their most recognized songs have all been soundtrack hits. Their first international hit single Crossing the River was featured on the ‘Batman Forever’ soundtrack followed by Waiting in the Tom Cruise starrer ‘Magnolia’. A remix version of Waiting received phenomenal recognition when it was featured on the pilot of the popular HBO TV series ‘Six Feet Under’. Later, in 2004, they achieved more fame when their hit World Outside was featured on the soundtrack of Mike Nichols’ “Closer”.

You can now hear all of their most well-known hits including my personal favorites in this special and exclusive selection, encompassing music from all their albums and soundtrack appearances. While I eagerly await their fifth album, now is the time for you to fall in love with the Devlins. Enjoy the love!

Hear all the 24 tracks in this Grooveshark playlist NOW

1. The Devlins - Almost Made You Smile (4:57)
2. The Devlins - Alone In The Dark (5:14)
3. The Devlins - Big Decision (3:16)
4. The Devlins - Consent (4:48)
5. The Devlins - Crossing the River (4:45)
6. The Devlins - Don't Let It Break Your Heart (3:47)
7. The Devlins - Everytime You Go (4:49)
8. The Devlins - Five Miles To Midnight (4:10)
9. The Devlins - I Don T Want To Be Like This (4:21)
10. The Devlins - I Knew That (4:01)
11. The Devlins - In Seville (3:50)
12. The Devlins - Kill With Me Tonight (4:06)
13. The Devlins - Montreal (4:01)
14. The Devlins - People Still Believing (6:15)
15. The Devlins - Snowbirds (4:46)
16. The Devlins - Someone To Talk To (4:45)
17. The Devlins - Static In The Flow (4:57)
18. The Devlins - Surrender (4:37)
19. The Devlins - There Is A Light (3:52)
20. The Devlins - Turn You 'Round (4:37)
21. The Devlins - Waiting  (4:51)
22. The Devlins - Waiting (Tom Lord-Alge Remix) (4:51)
23. The Devlins - World Outside (4:22)
24. The Devlins - Years Could Go By (3.23)

This is a fan mixtape. If you like The Devlins, buy their original music via the official Devlins website or visit


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