Sunday, January 19, 2014

Taking a Impromptu Break

Lost in Technical Difficulties

Its been a week since the last post. Its quite probable you suspect that the Websnacker Blog is somewhat suffering from a lack of interest by yours truly (or the contributors). You are wrong. If something is to blame, its been problems with Google Blogger, the blogging suite this blog runs on! After a week of intermittent logouts, missing drafts and other misadventures, it is back to normal or so it seems. Lets give it a day more and blog posts will start again.

In all honesty, the last 2 months have been physically, financially and emotionally taxing! With so many and varied interests (and commitments) - mainly to do with work, travel and family, the Websnacker has indeed been super busy. However, with a full new year (OK 11 months) ahead of us, rest assured that you can expect a lot more from the Websnacker and the blogging crew in the days to come! Thanks again for all the love and support! 


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