Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trojan War (1997)

Underrated 90's Romantic Comedy that deserves a revisit!

Apparently made for $15 million, this Jennifer Love Hewitt flick directed by long time Robert Rodríguez collaborator - George Huang (Swimming with Sharks/1994) was a box office disaster when it hit the theaters. 

Strangely though, it has an infectious twist on the classic 90's romantic comedies and the perfect teen quality humor which were so typical of the 80s and 90s. Dunno why this flopped so miserably when it was released but sure is a worthwhile addition to any collector's archive of unpopular movies. 

To start, let's just say that the movie has a lot to do with condoms, and every condom you see in the film including the 800 of them in the store scene are ALL Trojan brand. Hmmm... advertising maybe? Heck, at least the advertising has to do with something fun (and safe).

Will Friedle (Boy Meets World) plays the leading role, and Love Hewitt plays his best friend. Little does he know that she is in love with him, and his interest in another girl (Marley Shelton) begins to drive her crazy. This is where the movie's tagline comes in and things get quite funny: "She has 24 hours to convince the guy of her dreams that she's the girl of his."

Throughout most of the film, Brad (Friedle) is on a quest to purchase and bring back a condom so that he can have sex with the girl he thinks is his dream girl after being given the chance. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong - his car gets stolen from a gang, his clothes get ruined, he gets stuck in an unsafe town alone, kidnapped by a bus driver - you name it - this poor kid gets stuck dealing with the worst of situations. In a cute happy ending, things of course all work out for the best. 

Although the movie is a romance, it's more of a comedy (with a great soundtrack). The movie is so stupid that you'll find yourself laughing here and there but then again, that is why it is here. If you can't think of anything to rent, are in a stupid mood, or are a fan of Love or Friedle - chances are you'll enjoy this flick. It's worth seeing at least once. 


  1. Another indicator we are kindred spirits of cinema. Thought I was the only one who liked this film. It was clever and witty. I also LOVED Swimming With Sharks!! Writer and director Huang's style is cynically very funny and effective!! KUDOS!!

  2. I was an extra on the set and a group of us did a b bop thing outdoors. One of the mic guys started recording us. Was wondering if anyone would know anything about this that was on set. Contact me at (408) 680-4297


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