Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Man With The Iron Fists (2012)

A Bad Kung-Fu movie with Hip Hop (mis) influences 

The Man With The Iron Fists (TMWTIF) is a visually impressive but over stuffed, over hyped martial arts film that is way too over the top to be entertaining. 

You will have fun at the striking visual colors and Robert Fitzgerald Diggs,  rapper and main member of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan better known by his stage name RZA (pronounced as ˈrɪzə/ riz-ə), does show some flair for directing, but his script co-written with Eli Roth is empty and tiresome.

Set in early nineteenth century China, TMWTIF is about a shipment of gold stolen from the Emperor and hidden in a village (stupidly called Jungle Village) where nothing but Gangsters and Warlords converge to battle it out - Kung-Fu style for who will take possession of the gold. Russell Crowe shows up as sort of a drunken, opium addicted mercenary/ rogue soldier who spends most of his time swilling drink and carousing with the local whores from a brothel run by Lucy Liu. You also get to know there exists a enigmatic blacksmith - our Hero (RZA) and the whorehouse, The Pink Blossom. For extra star and action appeal, you also have David Bautista (WWE Wrestler Batista),  Rick Yune, the Korean star  and Cung Le, martial arts champion and famed Kickboxer! That's it. What else is there we hardly ever see, so the town is virtually non-existent except to facilitate the pointless, extra- slow plot with bizarrely choreographed fights! 

In short, except for a star studded soundtrack and an impressive score by RZA, TMWTIF is a tedious, badly acted and even more badly scripted one note film that needed a better treatment or maybe a better director! Watch it if you want to know what's all the Quentin Tarantino hype's about or safely skip it! The Man With The Iron Fists-** out of 4 - JohnnyTwoToes


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