Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Xena - Warrior Princess Reboot ?

Return of the sexy warrior

I know this is probably a hoax but watching Lucy Lawless as XENA again would be kick ass .   However, lets take this honestly - the 1968 born Lucy (seen last in Spartacus  CSI - Miami and Battlestar Galactica) is well past her prime for a reboot if ever there was one.

For those with poor memories, Xena: Warrior Princess was a successful sword and sorcery fantasy TV series of incredible popularity around the world in the mid 90s to early 2000s. Xena's character would change from sweet innocent girl, to ruthless conquerors of kingdoms and finally to warrior princess who defends the helpless and fights for justice on the side of the greater Good. 

Although the character was fairy-tale-like and very sexualized in her outfits and movements, many felt it was still important for girls to grow up with female role models like Xena because although she is a warrior princess, her power does not lie only in her weapons, but also in her heart and her mind. 

For them,  Xena embodies male and female principle in a well balanced form that makes her a perfect role mode so every victory in battle becomes an another victory against her inner "darker side" whatever..go watch, its old-style swordfest sexy fun!

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  1. Loved Xena character but REALLY LOVED Renee O'Connor's Gabriel..She was so sexy and tough. Xena was a little too.......buff, shall we say. Xena was twice the man I


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