Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Randomness

An utterly random post this one! You see sometimes I just get silly for no reason I can pin down. Music, Movies or maybe the company of good friends in a good mood... whatever it is it's fun and all too rare. 

Too often the creatives live in tiny boxes and we get so used to staring at the walls of our own inventions and imposed limits that we forget that this isn't the whole big world. We pull down and bury ourselves in the work. 

Jump up! Hey, it's kind of cool out here with the silly people. Not as a steady, diet, maybe, but for a lark, it's... well, a lark. Get me lit enough and I'll stand on the back deck and sing Vivaldi or dance tango steps at bus stops. Heck, I don't even have to be drunk on alcohol to do it. Drunk on giddiness will do. 

While laughing my head off with a friend over dinner in a pub, noticed that the single geek at the table next over was trying not to stare at us. Poor thing: crouching over his laptop and annoyed that the girls at the next were laughing and talking about sex, music, art and beer.... Obviously the poor fella needed a few more beers himself....


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