Saturday, September 8, 2012

Best of the 80s - Radio Mix 2

Awesome Billboard Hits from the 80s - Series 2 

Even more memorable great hits from the 80s (the second in my series on 8tracks internet radio) including Jimmy Barnes, Peter Godwin, Big Noise and my favs like 'Please be the one' by Karla Bonoff to revisit that golden era !

Name And Number - Big Noise 
Love Train - Holly Johnson 
Feel The Heart - Jean Beauvoir 
Please Be The One - Karla Bonoff 
Too Much Aint Enough Love - Jimmy Barnes 
Don't Say That You're Sorry - Edin Adahl 
Baby's In The Mountains - Peter Godwin 
That's Freedom - Tom Kimmel 

Click HERE to hear these songs on 8tracks or just click the artwork below!



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