Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nordic Wake Party Lingo

Learning Words of Sorrow and Solace 

At college, I was friends with an oddball ‘beer addicted’ trio who were crazy about everything and anything Nordic - Norway especially. They frequently spoke Norwegian, loved Norwegian movies, Norwegian bands and even Norwegian beer - Ringnes!! In fact, during the summer, they went on a 30 day backpacking trip across the Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. 

Their rented house was also called the Norse House. They claimed, it was "devoted" to the culture and lifestyle of the Nordic countries. When someone sent them an email that King Harald V of Norway died, they wanted to hold a wake party. They were too sloshed to even realize that it was a joke!! (By the way, Harald V still lives).

The joke notwithstanding, the Wake party was too good an idea so they wanted to do it anyway! It was decided that the people attending the party should express their grief and console other mourners in Norwegian. However, very few people at the party (in fact, none) would be able to speak Norwegian. neither do I. 

Crazy as it sound, I was hooked though. So, I went home, I went home, locked myself in my room, switched the net and emerged 3 hours hour later with the Norwegian Terms of Sorrow and Solace – a sample of which you see below that came quite handy at the Wake party!! 

Words for Sorrow and Grief 

Jeg er bedrøvet. 
I am sad. 

Jeg stal har dø. 
I should have died. 

Vi gikk å se "Min Liv Som Et Hund." 
Let's go see "My Life as a Dog." 

Mit bekken banket. 
My pelvis is throbbing. 

Min magesekk har stukket mod en Skjødpersons spyd. 
My stomach has been stabbed with a Laplander's spear. 

Words for Solace and Consolation

Jeg smører min sko. 
I am greasing my shoes. 

NÂ det omveltnig begînte! 
Now the revolution begins! 

Det Svenske som suge mose gjøret det!
The scum-sucking Swedes did it! 

Ham var et adelig mann. Ham manget å tilføyelse Island. 
He was a noble man. He wanted to annex Iceland. 

Du er aller tiltrekkende. Behage trøst meg. 
You are very attractive. Please comfort me. 

Learn them by heart, and you will never again feel at a loss when you are at a crazy Norwegian wake party, or in Norway or need to express your sadness or comfort an other Norwegian.

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