Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fighting Internet Paralysis

Getting Back Online!

All right, so, erm, here I am, back again. This feels exceeding weird after such a long absence and I'm not quite sure I remember all the things to do...

I had a lot of travel to do – mostly work, very little leisure besides a very complex functional portal re-design for a client that was all ready to go up, but as usual, I'm not as satisfied with it as I was nearly three months ago. And I need to bring all the other things at office into line.... Sheesh, so much to do. 

With almost all my Music uploads now dead and all the SOPA talk, I was also planning on moving the blog to Tumblr or on my own company server (as a pal strongly recommended), but I'm not sure about that at the moment, either. I wasn't even sure it was a good idea to throw myself back into the internet, considering some of the recent problems which have come out of it, seductive, nasty thing that it can be. Don’t ask me what?

And I would have been here a lot sooner if not for the problems with my internet provider - perpetual buffering, intermittent connectivity and long periods of complete internet paralysis! Those lovely and stupid folks. It took them a long 20 days to get my 2 MBPS net line working after their so called upgrade, which could not be scheduled until yesterday (because of some more bull shit antivirus upgrade and all that). 

It seems to me that it's simply not that complex a thing to attach a waveform meter to a live line and see what it says is non-functional. I mean, seriously, I'm no hardcore tech and I could do it if someone gave me the meter!  

So, after maybe some 30 increasingly irate phone calls and maybe 3 lawsuit inspiring emails, and two specific angry phone calls to their local head, much threatening and subdued yowling, someone finally sent a freakin' web technician out here this morning and tested my freakin' internet line. "Ah, bad filter. I have one. No problem." Arrrgghh! I now join the ranks of those who loudly proclaim: my net provider sucks! So much for all the 21st century modern technology talk…


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