Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Poem - Dark Skies

On Violence, from the Websnacker Archives

As I stare out the window, hoping a new day to dawn,
I wonder how destructive, we’ve really become.

The daily violence has colored the grime,
the view of the sky seems darker this time.
Day in and day out, I see the same scene,
it only gets worse, when our world could be pristine.

The buzz of the gun, the red of the sky,
the taste of the dirty air, the burn in my eye,
the pain in my chest, and my throat feeling rough,
when will we say, enough is enough?

Do we accept violence as a matter of change,
and days like today are things that seem no more strange
What is the price we’re willing to pay,
and will we just stop, to stop having days like today?

I wonder if ever the world will stay clear,
if there will be peace and happiness near?
I worry that we may have stretched our world too thin,
This is a battle that no one can ever win.

We need as a people, to be more aware
to really pitch in peace and to do our fair share.
The life we kill is our society as a whole,
the world is damaged; it’s now bloody out of control.

I ponder these things as I sit here and stare,
stuck on the highway, and going nowhere...


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