Monday, October 4, 2010

The Best Chill Out Hits - A Websnacker Session

Great Chill Out Hits for the Weekday Grind
It’s almost a month now but I still can’t fight it. Well, in case you are wondering, I am referring to my very own writer’s block - 4 blogs, 10 movie reviews besides 3 client brochures and 2 print ad campaigns at work – all unfinished. End effect: project delays, angry clients plus no snack blogs for the last 30 days!

Well, at least I can still blog about music and what better music than some ultra cool Lounge, Downtempo and Ambient hits for the weekday grind including chillout superstars like Delerium, Halou, Crystal Method and much more. So, dim your lights, settle down and let this seductive compilation get you into that mind-altering chill out groove.

The Best Chill Out Hits – Free Mp3 - Greatest Hits
[Chill out/Downtempo/Lounge/Electronic/Ambient]

15 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:58
Playlist length: 1 hour 14 minutes 44 seconds

1. Aeroplane feat. Kathy Diamond - Whispers (Original Mix) (6:53)
2. Air - All I Need (3:49)
3. Baz - Promises (3:18)
4. Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (3:46)
5. Crystal Method Feat Meiko - Falling Hard (5:24)
6. Dario G feat. Vanessa Quinones - Voices (Beach Sdtk) (5:19)
7. Delirium Feat Zoe Johnston - You & I (6:06)
8. FC Kahuna - Hayling (Layer Cake Sdtk) (6:50)
9. Ferry Corsten feat Shelley Harland - Holding On (3:45)
10. Halou - I'll Carry You (5:57)
11. Hiratzka & Kazell Feat. Shirli Mcallen - Venice Dawn (6:09)
12. Madita - Ceylon (3:44)
13. Motorcycle feat Jes Brieden - As The Rush Comes (6:10)
14. Sepiamusic - Static (4:41)
15. Tina Dico - All I See (2:53)

Free Mp3 Download - 86.57 MB Single Zipped Folder – Megaupload Link

This is a limited release, non-commercial, fan mixtape for promotional use. If you like these artists, please buy their original music at,,, other online stores or your nearest music retailer.


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  2. Hey Kunal!! Thanks for your generous praise. Hopefully, time permitting, I will change the layout!!

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