Saturday, May 8, 2010

Depeche Mode’s Greatest Hits - A Websnacker Compilation

Grrreat Music from the Godfathers of Synthpop!

From Depeche Mode - the World’s most successful synthpop, electronic new wave rock band, comes this MP3 selection of some of their greatest hits and personal favorites that will make you realize why they have sold over 100 million albums, singles and remixes worldwide.

Formed in 1980 at Essex, England; the 5 time Grammy nominated Depeche Mode was originally a 4 piece electronic band featuring Dave Gahan, Andrew Fletcher, Vince Clarke and Martin Gore. In 1981, they released their successful debut album “Speak & Spell” which entered the UK Top 10 but soon Clarke departed and was replaced by Alan Wilder. 1n 1995, Wilder quit and since then, Depeche Mode have continued as a threesome producing numerous No.1 hit albums, Billboard hit singles and remix releases.

Rated as the world’s only electronic band to have achieved super-spectacular success across the world to being called as “the most popular electronic band the world has ever known”, Depeche Mode has been a pioneer across the electronic-laden new wave synthpop music space, providing inspiration to scores of musicians including big names like Linkin Park, Shakira, Pet Shop Boys and many more. In fact, their signature hit song “Enjoy the Silence” has been recorded as a cover version by over 100 international bands and artists till date.

Now, go ahead and download this extra-special Mp3 compilation featuring all-time hits like “Try Walking In My Shoes”, “Personal Jesus”, “Dream On” to personal favorites like “Precious”, “Useless”, “Its No Good” and “The Things You Said”. I have also added the Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix of “Useless”, the German Industrial Metal band -Rammstein’s awesome cover of “Stripped” and 21 of their most memorable hitsongs. Enjoy.

30 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:52
Playlist length: 2 hours 26 minutes 2 seconds

1. Depeche Mode - Black Celebration (4:53)
2. Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumors (6:22)
3. Depeche Mode - Breathe (5:17)
4. Depeche Mode - But Not Tonight (5:12)
5. Depeche Mode - Dangerous (7:11)
6. Depeche Mode - Dream On (4:20)
7. Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Single Mix) (4:06)
8. Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (6:12)
9. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (3:57)
10. Depeche Mode - Freelove (Maximal Chorus Mix) (5:42)
11. Depeche Mode - Get The Balance Right (3:12)
12. Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia Mix) (6:55)
13. Depeche mode - I Feel Loved (4:20)
14. Depeche Mode - I Feel You (4:36)
15. Depeche Mode - I Promise You I will (3:40)
16. Depeche mode - It s No Good (5:58)
17. Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Ross Fortune Edit) (6:41)
18. Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough (3:44)
19. Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (4:48)
20. Depeche Mode - New Life (3:28)
21. Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth (4:55)
22. Depeche Mode - Precious (4:10)
23. Depeche Mode - Shine (5:32)
24. Depeche Mode - Stripped (Rammstein Heavy Metal Mix) (5:15)
25. Depeche Mode - Tainted Love (2:42)
26. Depeche Mode - The Things You Said (4:02)
27. Depeche Mode - Try Walking In My Shoes (2:30)
28. Depeche Mode - Useless (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix) (6:15)
29. Depeche Mode - Useless (5:12)
30. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (4:55)

Free Mp3 Download - 2 Zipped Folders – Megaupload links - Disc 1, Disc 2

You can buy Depeche Mode Music at the Depeche Mode store on Amazon or at the official DM Store. Depeche Mode also available on itunes.


  1. Grew up on Depeche Mode. The lead singer used to dance in this weird manner, ramrod straight neck and swaying vigorously :))

  2. thnaks dude. you made my day.

  3. thank you. love you brother!


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