Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Websnacker's Essential Post-Grunge Alt Rock Hits

This post should have been up by Sunday but alas, a lousy ISP and a harried client had kept me busy for the last 2 days and I could make time for this post only today. Anyway, what I have assembled this time is a high octane collection of rock hits, mostly post-grunge, hard alternative with a tinge of heavy metal and art rock. If you are an alt rock fan, I’m sure you’ll love it.

This is what you’ll get to hear…

The Mississippi post-grunge rockers – 3 Doors Down’s Duck and Run" from their 2000 debut platinum album 'The Better Life', the subtly melodic Splender’s "Yeah, Whatever" from their best selling 1999 debut album, 'Halfway Down the Sky' and the Pennsylvania band Breaking Benjamin’s massive billboard hit "The Diary of Jane" that had the unique distinction of being the fastest peaking rock single of 2006, eventually reaching #2 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, #4 on the U.S. Modern Rock Charts and simultaneous airplay at more than 100 top radio stations across America and Canada.

In 2004, pop diva Anastacia added an edgy feel to her music which she called "sprock" a mix of pop, soul and rock and released a self-titled album that helped her increase her popularity beyond America. “I Do”, an enjoyable collaboration with Sonny Sandoval, P.O.D’s lead vocalist was proof of the new sprock feel that blended well with her Tina Turner-ish appeal. I have added this cos it has great lyrics besides a nice tune.

Similar fav additions include Texas rockers Seven Channels’ Breathe”, Hoobastank’s radio hit “Crawling In The Dark” and Bush’sLittle Things” a billboard hit from their super-successful 1994 album, 'Sixteen Stone' though it was not as accepted as their other hit “Glycerine”. Did you know that Bush was a UK band originally from London and not an American band as many strongly still believe. It is also worthwhile to know that the D2, the popular Bulgarian group used the same guitar riffs that are prominent in “Little Things’ in their 1999 breakthrough hit "I Can't Stop Loving You".

From the original purveyors of classic grunge, I have added Candlebox’sYou” - a vintage hit from the Seattle grunge scene of the early 90’s taken from their 1993 self-titled debut that peaked at number 7 on Billboard's album charts, Florida’s ex-grundig-ger’s Cold’s rock ballad “Cure My Tragedy” from their third and commercially successful Billboard #3 album 'Year of the Spider', Puddle of Mudd’s Billboard #1 hit "Blurry" from their 2001 album 'Come Clean' and the Chicago based new age heavy metal band Disturbed’s Stupefy” from their internationally acclaimed 2000 debut album 'The Sickness'.

You’ll also find Live’s immensely popular "Lightning Crashes" from their 1994 breakthrough album, 'Throwing Copper', Fuel’s no. 1 hit “Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" from their album 'Something Like Human', the San Francisco alternative rock band Third Eye Blind’s "Deep Inside of You” from their second album, 'Blue' and the Grammy-nominated Tonic’s highest charting # 1 Billboard single "If You Could Only See" from their debut album, 'Lemon Parade'.

From outside America, I have added Finland’s Poets of the Fall with their 2006 hit – “Gravity” from their triumphant second album 'Carnival of Rust' and Australian nu metal art rockers - The Butterfly Effect’s "Take It Away" from their 2001 self-titled debut EP that remained in the Australian top 20 charts for almost a year.

The hard to find North Carolina’s Far Too Jones’ 1996 hit "Falling Back Down" from their 'Plastic Hero' EP and “Need To Know”, a small hit from the little known Indianapolis alternative band – Transmatic are reader requests that have been pending for quite awhile now.

Go ahead, download and enjoy the aural energy!!

19 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:01
Playlist length: 1 hour 16 minutes 21 seconds

1. Three Doors Down - Duck And Run (3:50)
2. Anastacia - I Do (Feat. Sonny From POD) (3:00)
3. Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane (3:23)
4. Bush - Little Things (4:24)
5. The Butterfly Effect - Take it away (4:40)
6. Candlebox - You (4:56)
7. Cold - Cure My Tragedy (a letter to god) (3:55)
8. Disturbed - Stupified (4:33)
9. Far Too Jones - Falling Back Down (3:12)
10. Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands) (4:00)
11. Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark (2:55)
12. Live - Lightning Crashes (5:25)
13. Poets of the Fall - Gravity (3:56)
14. Puddles of Mudd - Blurry (5:03)
15. Seven Channels - Breathe (3:47)
16. Splender - Yeah Whatever (3:40)
17. Third Eye Blind - Deep Inside You (4:10)
18. Tonic - If You Could Only See (4:23)
19. Transmatic - Need To Know (3:09)

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