Monday, May 11, 2009

Avalon (2001) Original Soundtrack - Kenji Kawai

Beautiful Tech-Tinged Orchestral Music Filmscore

James Cameron called it the “Most artistic, beautiful & stylish Sci-Fi film” he ever saw when it was released in 2001. Believe the great director, Avalon is indeed a splendid sci-fi spectacle that’s an absolute treat for the eyes and the ears. 

Though this movie features Polish actors including the heroine Małgorzata Foremniak and was actually filmed in Wrocław, Poland, it is actually a Japanese /Polish production directed by the anime ‘Ghost in the Shell’ creator - Japanese filmmaker Mamoru Oshii and largely made using a Japanese crew.

Long time regular Oshii music collaborator, Kenji Kawai, well known for Ring 1& 2 besides Ghost in the Shell composed the hypnotic soundtrack that has now grown to become a cult hit. If you haven’t listened any of the Kawai’s previous works, this is a good choice to start with. 

The electronic laden soundtrack features beautiful Polish songs performed by the popular opera singer Elizabeth Towarnicka along with the Polish National Philharmonic Orkiestre and the Choir of Philharmonic Orkiestre and elegantly complements the sepia toned imagery that abounds in the vast majority of the film. "Log in", “Log Off” and "Voyage to Avalon" are supreme Kawai compositions that alone necessitate a download. So, download, unzip and take the pleasure in.

Avalon OST - Kenji Kawai - Track Listings

1. City 13
2. Log Off
3. Voyage To Avalon
4. Murphy's Ghost
5. Bishop
6. Nine Sister
7. Ruins C66
8. Gray Lady (Ash)
9. Flak Tower 22
10. Ruins D99
11. The Ghost Hunting
12. Voyage To Avalon
13. Tir Na MBan
14. Log In

Mp3 Download - Zip Folder 


  1. Hey... never really heard of the movie or the movie or the director... must not be that famous here or its just i was not aware... but will do something about it now...

  2. Hi Mukund,

    Unfortunately in India, the anime style is still not very popular. Perhaps, this is the reason you haven't heard of him. Please visit this link to know more. Unlike regular cartoons, Anime/Manga has a lot more depth and meaning - try it out.

  3. Thank you for sharing the outstanding soundtrack of this wonderfull movie.

  4. Excellent Movie, i was looking for the Music Movie But, unfortunatly the link is down.
    Someone can reupload in other server please.
    Tnx a Lot.

    1. If this could be reuploaded, I would appreciate it greatly. I love Avalon, and it's soundtrack must have been divinely inspired!


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