Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hothouse Flowers - Songs From The Rain

Celtic Smorgasbord For Your Ipod

An atypical Irish rock band, the Hothouse Flowers were once hailed as the "the best unsigned band in the world" by Rolling Stone magazine. A notion that is almost true as they continue to skim around the media limelight, happy to just satisfy the expectations of their global fans like myself.

I call them an atypical rock band cos they really are non-conforming, unusually different for their Celtic roots, mixing melodious rock with dollops of folk rock, gospel, alternative and even conventional pop music. Hothouse Flowers are the sort of band you need to listen - at least twice to get it inside you. Once inside your system, you’ll only hit the rewind button as their magic engulfs you – unhurriedly, bit by bit, until you are in total awe deeply profound.

Hothouse Flowers have produced over 9 albums so far but I consider their 1993 release – ‘Songs from the Rain’ their best work – a sentiment shared by even their most ardent critics. Download the album and you’ll understand why? Emotional Time and Isn't It Amazing are stellar tracks alone worth the effort.

This Is It (Your Soul)
One Tongue
Emotional Time
Be Good Listen
Good for You
Isn't It Amazing
Thing of Beauty
Your Nature
Spirit of the Land
Gypsy Fair
Stand Beside Me

Songs from the Rain Mp3 Album Download - http://tinyurl.com/cujms7

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