Thursday, February 5, 2009

Confessions of a Bootlegger

Greetings for February! The month of purification if you accept its Latin origin - februum, which means purification. Purity of thought perhaps and an ironic start to this post. Read on..

I have received a considerable number of emails, mostly questions after I have started Blogging anew, specially from those who know me in formal circles – clients, associates and ‘connections’ on networking sites. While some seem to like what they read here (I hope they mean it), others wanted to know why I was listing music and video files for download. It was quite obvious that they were aghast with my ‘share all piracy beliefs’.

Surprisingly, a few especially those with 9 to 5 jobs complained that they also wanted to share their favorite collections of old vinyls and classic movies but simply couldn’t as their employment terms strictly prohibited them from getting too liberal in cyberspace. A few wanted to quit, certain that their jobs were already on the firing line, promising me to join in soon. A few asked me why I was doing it when I could play safe and blog legally, so to speak. Some asked, what if I came across a cushy, high paying 9 to 5 job; wouldn’t my pirate blogging affect my chances of my employment? Would any employer be willing to hire an mp3 bootlegger?

This got me thinking. Would I be able to take up that fancy job if it indeed came along? So should I stop doing this? Absolutely, positively NOT! One of the key reasons I am an independent is that I am truly an independent, a free spirit. I love being in charge, running my own show, making my own choices and not having to share my music on the sly - just because my employer doesn’t like it or to deal with bitchy political baggage that is found in most companies.

When I visualize about retaking a "corporate job," it is likely to be driven by the miserable toil of paying taxes or cleaning up my accounting. It is easy at those times to put an orange glow on how nice it was to have someone else worry about such unpleasantries. Still, I keep doing what I'm doing for two reasons - these feelings come primarily quarterly, at most and my memory on "the good old days" is still lucid enough to remember that the comic strip - Dilbert is based on daily 'dog-eat-dog' office life that make independence of mind and spirit such a wonderful place. Negativity will kill us so I refuse it. Long live the Free Spirit!!!


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